A gang battered a gay couple in a “horrific” homophobic assault as they made their way home after a night out.

Graham Munday, 42, and his partner Tony Minion, 52, told how they were kicked and punched in the head by five youths as they walked hand in hand through Brighton in the early hours of Saturday morning (December 15).

The incident comes ten years after Mr Munday was left with a broken nose after a similar homophobic attack.

Speaking to The Argus, he said: “It was horrible. You don’t expect that kind of thing to happen any more, especially in Brighton.

“It’s been nearly ten years since I was first attacked and I thought that things had changed. I’m just devastated.”

The couple were making their way back to their Grove Hill flat, in Brighton, following a night out in Kemp Town.

At around 2.30am they walked past the Blind Tiger Club on Grand Parade when five youths approached them.


Mr Munday, whose voice was trembling as he relived the horrific attack, said: “They started shouting homophobic abuse at us.

“Then they started punching.

“It was just terrifying, there was nothing we could do.”

His partner, Mr Minion added: “There were too many of them and they just knocked me to the floor.

“I couldn’t get up and then they started kicking me in the back and the head.

“There was a group of people nearby who just stood there and did nothing, that’s the worst thing about it.”


The couple dialled 999 and officers were on the scene in minutes.

The men are described as white, in their twenties and wearing casual clothes.

Bloodied and suffering from shock, the couple rushed to the safety of a nearby friend’s house.

Mike Nelson, 49, who was woken by the sound of the doorbell, opened the front door to see his pals in a terrible state.

He said: “They were both extremely distressed and had a number of cuts and bruises.

“I sat them down, patched them up and gave them a cup of tea.”

“Graham was attacked a few years ago and he’s just devastated that this has happened again.

“He isn’t someone who shows a lot of public affection so this will really knock his confidence.”

'Better education'

Mr Munday, who works in mediation, appeared on the front page of The Argus back in 2002 when he was set upon by a gang of youths just a couple of roads away on Ashton Rise.

On that occasion, the then 32-year-old was left with a broken nose and two black eyes.

He added: “It’s just really upsetting that this can still happen.

“I don’t think the law is a problem, that’s all in place. There needs to be better education for people like this.”

Police are investigating the incident and anyone who witnessed the attack or has any information should contact them on 101.

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