Candles will be replaced with electric lights at this year’s Burning the Clocks festival over health and safety concerns.

For the first time every lantern in the event’s main parade, celebrating the winter solstice in Brighton, will be lit with LED lights rather than naked flames.

It is anticipated the lights will replace about 400 candles during the lantern procession that travels through the city before a bonfire takes place on the beach.

Same Sky, the community arts charity behind the event which has been running since 1995, said there were a number of reasons behind the decision not to have candles at this year’s event on Friday, December 21.

A spokeswoman said health and safety was a factor although there had been no serious incidents to prompt the charity to make the changes.

Health and safety

She said: “LEDs are cheaper for us, re-useable, safer, stay lit and make line-up easier.

“One of the things is health and safety.

“Although there have not been serious incidents there have been some dropped lanterns in the street.”

Instead of lighting the lanterns, LEDs will be put inside at the start of the procession in the Corn Exchange.

She said: “They are more sustainable and can be used again.

“Before the lanterns are thrown on the bonfire at the end, the LED lights will be taken out.

“The LED lights also allow different lantern shapes.”

Talking point: To what extent do you feel it is necessary to change from candles to LEDs?

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