At first glance they look like pieces of communist propaganda.

But, look a little further and it’s clear these retro posters are a satirical take on UK politics in the 21st Century.

Alice Bell, an academic at the University of Sussex, spotted them in Brighton’s North Laine and sent them to The Argus.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, foreign secretary William Hague and education secretary Michael Gove can be spotted in various guises.

The posters include such slogans as “Forward! With Chairman Cameron’s Imperialist Struggle”.

Another one, in Foundry Street, Brighton, shows a picture of Mr Gove reading Ayn Rand’s book The Fountainhead, which follows the course of an idealistic young architect who prefers modern designs above traditionalism.

It reads: “Youth! Study the three principles of Minster Gove: self- discipline, entrepreneurship, competition.” Do you know the artist? Call The Argus on 01273 544527 or email