New technology is being installed to zap away a lingering stink at a waste station.

The waste odour management system will be introduced at The Waste Transfer Station in Hollingdean, Brighton, following complaints from nearby residents.

People living within the Round Hill community in Hollingdean have raised concerns about the smell – as well as the visual and noise pollution – and even caused some to consider moving house.

Changes were made to the water mist system at the station, controlled by the environmental services company Veolia, last year in an attempt to improve the situation.

However these have been dubbed by Ted Power, Conservation Representative for the Round Hill Society Committee, as “inadequate”, describing the stench as “objectionable”.

The new and improved system will use cylinders to operate a UV radiation that will destroy odour molecules and increase the efficiency of odour management.

Kelly Booth, a South Downs representative for Veolia, said: “It is a completely different way of combating the odour problem.

“Rather than suppressing the chemicals and odours, it works to destroy the bacteria or fungi that create the odour in the first place.”

Veolia were unable to disclose the cost of such developments, but stress that “the new system is a massive step to improve the service that we provide.”

However, Power said he had reservations about logistics of the new technology.

He said: “Will they be able to neutralise the odour molecules before they escape?”

At the moment, odour complaints are being received all year round, but they peak during the summer when residents spend more time outside.