I fail to understand why the police cannot enforce the law of the land towards cyclists.

This is in relation to them constantly going through red lights at road junctions (The Argus, January 9).

So police cannot do anything because they “race off” – don’t make me laugh. If I, in my car, went through a red light and failed to stop for a police officer, I would find a patrol car and probably the force helicopter in fast pursuit.

It does not surprise me there are so many cycling accidents in our city. Once out of their special and expensive cycle lanes, they proceed to flout the law with impunity.

Perhaps the policing of the roads has something to do with money; catch a motorist going through a red light and it is easy to identify, prosecute and fine that person.

See a cyclist and try to stop that person and, oh dear, that might mean a lot of work with little result.

So although it makes good front-page headlines, why bother to raise the subject when we all know that nothing will be done?

Alan Gradwell, South Coast Road, Peacehaven