So we now have massive roadworks costing a huge amount of money on the A270 Lewes Road under the pretence that it will improve everything under the sun in terms of traffic. But what do we find on the Lewes-bound carriageway adjacent to Wild Park? A rather impressive looking bus stop.

So let’s look a bit closer at this so-called improvement.

There is a lovely bus shelter set back from the main road, with a raised kerb for passenger access to buses. But, quite unbelievably, the cycle lane now diverts between the bus boarding area and the bus shelter itself.

This means bus passengers who have been waiting in the shelter will have to step out into the cycle lane while negotiating two kerbs to get to the bus.

Who thinks this is a good idea?

There is only one answer and that is Councillor Ian Davey, who is responsible for road safety, backed by his Green colleagues.

In The Argus (January 10) Coun Davey says, “This is a key safety feature for cyclists and a big improvement for bus users.”

But what about people with children in buggies, older people and those with a disability?

Ken Norman, Conservative councillor for Withdean Ward, Brighton and Hove City Council