Being a pedestrian, I find some cyclists’ attitude towards red lights quite horrifying (The Argus, January 9).

Some of seem to have their own rules on all sorts of issues.

Very few get caught. It’s only a slap on the wrist if they are. I believe this should be taken more seriously.

You may laugh, but I feel they should have little number plates below their saddles with, say, three letters and two numbers so they can be reported.

Five years ago, my daughter and I were walking to school.

When the green man shone, we went to cross but something made me look to the right. There was a sporty cyclist hurling ridiculously fast towards us. He would have knocked my daughter down had I not grabbed her hood and pulled her back. I dread to think what condition she would have been in, seeing as he was going so fast.

I reported it, but of course nothing was done.

I have seen several cases of this and it disgusts me. I know not all cyclists are like this but a few are.

Wendy Boyd, Lyndhurst Road, Hove