It sells 100,000 calendars annually but now the Roundabout Appreciation Society is coming to Sussex.

Officials from the society - which last year tried to “sex itself up” by adding windmills to its repertoire - is heading to Lewes and Brighton at the end of the month.

It is the county's turn to try to win a coveted place in 2014's calendar which features the best of the UK's roundabouts.

Appreciation society founder Kevin Beresford - who told The Argus off when we suggested that some roundabouts were “quite boring” - admitted he had neglected Sussex until now.

But he said he was keen for eagle-eyed Argus readers to tell him their favourite roundabouts in the county.

We suggested the Holmbush roundabout, famous for its army landing craft in the centre, the Seven Dials roundabout for its hazards and the Palace Pier roundabout for its amazing views.

“Hmm, maybe I'll go and look at them,” he said.

“A view can make a roundabout.”

Mr Beresford, 60, will be in Lewes on January 28 on behalf of a German radio station that is interested in the town's roundabouts. He said the radio presenter had a connection to the town and while he was there he would also look at the prison as he is also interested in them.

Mr Beresford said: “Roundabouts are an oasis in a sea of tarmac.

“They lift the spirits of every driver on a long journey.

“I would like to see Brighton's roundabouts - I've done a car park in Brighton but never a roundabout.”

He said even roundabouts on A roads could be wonderful and urged people not to dismiss them.

He explained: “There is beauty in roundabouts.

“In Kent there is a roundabout with a duck pond in the middle.

“But of course I am open to suggestions from Argus readers about Sussex's best roundabouts.

“It's always a bit of a novelty to see a new one.”

What roundabouts do you think Mr Beresford should see while he is in Sussex?

Contact him via his website, or share your views at