Drivers were forced to abandon their cars after snow left some roads impasable.

People were stuck on the A27 for up to four hours as the ice and snow made the road treacherous.

There were reports up to 30 cars were left behind on the A27, which police had to close so snow ploughs and gritters could try and reduce the danger.

Hills such as Coldean Lane, Falmer Road and Ditchling Beacon were left impassable due to the conditions, which seemed to catch the gritters unawares.

Several roads this morning are littered with abandoned cars after drivers realised making their way on foot would be the only way to move.

Buses were also affected in Brighton and Hove with areas such as Whitehwak, Woodingdean and Hollingbury cut off due to the snowfall.

Last night people were helping push cars to the side of Carden Avenue in Hollingbury as they struggled to get up the hill.

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