A community skate park project is close to completion.

The Skate House indoor skate park and art project in Lewes needs just £400 to finish the remaining work, including the building of ramps.

The group has so far spent around £20,000 building the indoor park at the Phoenix Industrial Estate.

A volunteer working at the site said: “We are short of around £400. After that we can be open to the public as much as possible and begin to make our own money for the community.

"At the moment we’re only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“We’re more than just a skate park though. We’re a place for people to get together as a community. We have a pizza oven, barbecue and refreshments. This project is for the whole town, not just a select few.”

Volunteers at the project have spent up to 18 months building the park. Visit www.theskatehouse.co.uk or donate money via PayPal to info@theskatehouse.co.uk.

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