In reply to Ben James’s article about an ice rink next to the Engineerium in Hove, I feel I have to bring up the matter of size (The Argus, January 28).

In this instance, size does matter and on my aerial picture of the Engineerium I cannot see how an ice rink will fit, unless it is over the water board site, but that is surely outside Mike Holland’s land.

So, please give us some measurements.

Also, what happened to Simon James’s plans for his ice rink over the old bowling club at The King Alfred? That was going to be a good size: 48m x 24m.

Mike Holland’s business partner in this, Robin Cousins, is a terrific skater, but has he forgotten about hockey and speed skaters?

Elisabeth Steen Woodroffe, Roman Road, Hove

Yes, an ice rink in Brighton or Hove is welcome, especially by myself and other members of the National Ice Skating Association Of Great Britain.

I travel to Gosport for ice skating training but I would really like to support the grand opening of a permanent ice rink.

I used to have lessons at Brighton Ice Rink a few years ago – Robin Cousins was practicing when I skated there last.

I was talent-spotted by Stephen and Cathy McCabe in Richmond Ice Rink in the early 1980s and also had lessons from ice skating championship teacher Jimmy Young.

During my teenage years I travelled with my mum to different ice rinks to train and do exams and competitions. I even left school as a ten-year-old to be able to travel between Dunstable, Richmond, Peterborough and Sheffield.

Now I’m older and have been skating on and off for a few years or so now, without my mother to support me. I travel by train and stay in bed and breakfasts in Hampshire so I can skate at Gosport Ice Rink.

I wish Robin Cousins and Mike Holland all the best with getting this new rink up and running. This is an adventure for all of us.

Nicole Copithorne Stanley, Howard Street, Worthing

Mike Holland says there are plans to put on a courtesy bus from the seafront to the Engineerium.

Unfortunately the reality is nobody uses free buses. Citypark offices tried and gave up. The road infrastructure is over-used and parking impossible.

Martin Combs, Nevill Road, Hove