The fanatic Greens of Brighton and Hove City Council could reduce the tax burden in one easy step by stopping spending our money on road changes for cyclists. They don’t use the lanes and it is slowing down traffic.

Greens will tell you it is safer and less polluting. Wrong. If people and, in particular, children didn’t play and wander into the roads they wouldn’t get hurt.

Likewise, the argument about slower car speeds being less polluting doesn’t hold up. You have to be in a lower gear, at the same speed for longer – therefore more fuel is used.

Chris Simpson, Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton

It’s little wonder the council is increasing council tax – it has to claw back the money it spent on the most expensive cycle lane in the UK.

It seems to me this lane in Old Shoreham Road is hardly ever used.

It’s the biggest waste of public money ever, and a white elephant if ever there was one.

T Janes, Old Shoreham Road, Hove