Scores of knives and daggers have been seized in Sussex schools.

Police have also found air guns, imitation weapons, metal and wooden bars, a hammer, a catapult, three bottles, a cosh and a razor.

The weaponry was discovered at sites across the county, including at six schools in Worthing, nine in Brighton and Hove and seven in Chichester.

All of the offenders in the 99 incidents were aged between 10 and 17 except for ten, who were aged between 18 and 44.

The majority of people found with weapons in schools were charged or cautioned, while eight were reprimanded, seven were given a final warning, two came to a community resolution and one was summonsed.

Last year a total of 13 incidents were reported to the police – a drop of more than two-thirds in the last five |years.

The information does not explain if the offender was a teacher, worker or parent or if the offence was in school hours.

The figures were obtained by The Argus in a Freedom of Information request.

In 2008 43 weapons were seized by the police from schools across Sussex.

Last year the number dropped to 13, a slight increase on the eight weapon offences reported to Sussex Police the year before.

Chris McGovern, the chairman for the Campaign for Real Education who lives in Heathfield, welcomed the figures.

Lessening problem

He said: “Nationally there’s a problem and four weapons are being seized a day so it’s great to have some good news in Sussex.

“Very clearly schools need to be safe and secure places for learning to take place.

“It’s terrific in Sussex the problem appears to be lessening.

“But schools do tend to play these things down anyway because they don’t want the publicity.”

“The worrying thing about weapons coming in to schools is that children say they are bringing them in for defensive purposes, not to attack anyone.

“It’s worrying because it indicates there’s a culture of bullying and youngsters feel they need to defend themselves.”

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