A grandfather has described how a fox ran into his house and raced over his kitchen surfaces, scattering knives and smashing pictures.

Fred Rossington, who lives in Partridge Green, near Henfield, was at home when the fox raced in as he opened his front door to let his two springer spaniels out.

It sprinted into his living room and he started chasing it.

He described how he shouted to his wife to “stay out of the room” while the fox raced around.

The grandfather of five said: “It had no fear whatsoever.

“It just stood there on top of the Aga, looking at me.”

Mr Rossington continued: “It was surreal. It was in the door in a second.

“It charged around the room and I chased it. I have five grandchildren and any of them could have been in.

“I threw a kick in the fox’s direction and it ran out, over the sofas.

“It tried to get through a closed window, only managing to knock all the family photos to the floor and smashing the glass in the frames.

Human contact

“It then ran into our kitchen, leaping onto the worktop and scattering cooking knives.

“It then stood on the cooker – it was obviously used to human contact.”

Mr Rossington said he was prompted to tell The Argus after reading about baby Denny Dolan who was savaged by a fox in Bromley, London, last week.

In summer 2010 three-year-old Jake Jermy was bitten on the arm after disturbing a fox hiding beneath a temporary building at the Dorothy Stringer playgroup, next to the high school in Loder Road, Brighton.

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