News that Heather Mills will open a vegan restaurant in the centre of Brighton is wonderful (The Argus, February 7).

At present, there are only two vegan restaurants in the Brighton and Hove area: The Loving Hut, near St Peter’s Church, and  Heather Mill’s VBites at Hove Lagoon (the latter being closed during winter).

I only support vegan restaurants as vegetarian restaurants serve eggs and cow’s milk.

Contrary to popular belief,vegetarianism is not ethical.

Vegetarians should not feel smug about the latest meat scandal.

Cows and egg-laying hens live longer than “meat” animals and are arguably treated worse.

They all end up at the same slaughterhouse to become meat anyway. There is probably more suffering in a glass of milk than in a pound of steak.

Only a vegan diet is ethical. It also happens to be better for our health and the planet.

Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton