There has been a lot of coverage about the elm tree at Seven Dials (Letters, March 1, 5, 9 and 14). Quite rightly people are concerned about losing it.

However, some are trying to use this issue to stop the Seven Dials scheme going ahead. This would be a disaster if it was allowed to happen.

Seven Dials is an accident blackspot and is dangerous and unpleasant for pedestrians and cyclists.

The agreed scheme would make things a lot safer for all and make the area more attractive. It will also benefit local businesses.

Some people have shed crocodile tears about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists but offered nothing positive by way of practical alternatives.

They have also moaned about the inconvenience that the works will cause as though this is a reason not to go ahead with the scheme. Any reasonable person will understand making the changes will result in some temporary disruption.

Brighton and Hove Friends Of The Earth (BHFOE) would like to see the tree saved. Ultimately, though, if this is not possible, BHFOE would reluctantly accept that the tree should go as the scheme needs to go ahead.

In recompense, however, BHFOE would like to see a more resources put towards planting new elms around the city to create a legacy for the future, in addition to the new tree planting which will take place at Seven Dials.

Chris Todd, Brighton and Hove Friends Of The Earth