Baliffs have moved onto the university of Sussex campus as protesters face eviction.

Scores of students have been occupying Bramber House on the Falmer campus in protest at the privatisation of unviersity jobs.

But following violence during a demonstration on Monday, the university obtained a High Court injunction banning the occupation and any further protests.

And in light of the orde,r baliffs have made their way to the site with an eviction looking imminent.

The Argus understands some 40 students are still in the building.

The Occupy Sussex group released a statement via its Facebook page.

It said: "After an occupation lasting seven weeks, countless demonstrations, an EDM signed by 25 MP's, close to 10,000 names on petitions and a campus turned yellow, Management have taken action through the courts to forcibly evict the students and staff occupying Bramber House Conference Centre.

"The willingness of management to ignore dialogue with the majority of the campus community, and instead having to no doubt violently drag peaceful students from the University they supposedly run, is sickening.

"The campaign to Stop The Privatisation of Sussex Services will continue, as will the fight to restore freedom of expression on our campus.

"A full statement will be released later today, but please if possible come to campus and support the occupation before it is violently ripped apart by a totalitarian management and heavy handed bailiffs."