Rival football fans told how they were warned by their club to refrain against singing anti-gay songs at the Albion match at the weekend.

Travelling Leicester City fans said they were told they would be banned from future matches if they were caught singing anti-gay songs for the clash at the AMEX Stadium.

Last week Leicester fans were named and shamed by the Brighton and Hove Albion Supporters’ Club in an official complaint to the Football Association about unsavoury homophobic songs.

Following the highly anticipated match on Saturday, the Brighton and Hove Albion Supporters’ Club told The Argus they were confident they didn’t hear any homophobic singing from the away fans.

Leicester fan Dan Stones, 20, said: “The club told us on the way down we would be banned from future matches and not allowed back on the coach if we were caught singing the songs during the game.

“They also said we’d probably be arrested. I did hear this week on Sky Sports News that Albion fans were getting upset with it, so it was expected.”

In a Supporters’ Club report published last week, the group logged abuse from 72% of their rivals, including incidents at 70% of away games and 57% of home games so far this season.

“Fairly mild” chants such as “We can see you holding hands” and “Does your boyfriend know you are here?” were common at many grounds.

Others, which are too offensive to print, were reported at games against the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace and Bristol City.

Sarah Watts, from the Brighton and Hove Albion Supporters’ Club, said: “We welcome any positive action and thank Leicester City for taking on board our comments last week.

“They had a fantastic chant directed to us about our lack of singing – because we were so quiet – but it shows they have a sense of humour and it was a friendly dig.

“But we didn’t hear any of the distasteful stuff we’ve normally been hearing. We don’t want to sanitise football.

"We just want to cut some of the language out. We’re not having a go at the language just because it’s homo- phobic but because it’s abusive, too.

“Congratulations to Leicester for working so fast on the initiative.”

The important Championship league game finished 1-1 following a late equaliser by Albion winger Kazenga Lualua.