Someone, somewhere, is always watching.

That is the message from Sussex Police as 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a dedicated team flick through the footage from nearly 400 cameras monitoring public places across the county.

From city centres to village halls, chances are there will be a camera keeping watch on your every move.

But at a cost of £1.3 million a year, is it worth it?

For the first time, The Argus can reveal the locations of all the cameras monitored by Sussex Police thanks to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Nick Pickles, director of civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: “In too many towns we now have a CCTV camera on every street corner yet never see a police officer there.

“The public are treated as suspects to be monitored by faceless council officials, yet we are no safer walking the streets as a result.

“It’s time people started asking what it is about CCTV that so excites local authorities and why they seem so keen to watch us.”

Despite the fears from civil liberty campaigners, police still remain committed to the technology.

According to the latest list obtained by The Argus from Sussex Police, there are 393 in the county.

According to the force, in 2011/12 staff monitored 43,360 incidents with the technology.

'Value for money'

The £605,000 costs of installing and running the equipment in Sussex is shared by local councils and Sussex Police.

Cameras are paid for by councils, usually out of section 106 contributions which are asked for from developers when they get planning permission.

However, the £670,000 a year spent on staff is billed to Sussex Police.

The total cost to the taxpayer works out at less than £1 per person a year for the county’s 1.6 million residents.

Inspector Ian Byford, who oversees the team at Sussex Police, said this “definitely represented value for money”.

Despite new technology, such as body cameras, he maintained that CCTV was here to stay.

He added: “CCTV has become a part of society and I think people, particularly young people when they are out and about, welcome them.

“It’s no secret where they are. When we do get complaints, it’s usually about someone installing cameras on private land, such as looking into people’s gardens.

“I do not think we will see that number change drastically in the next couple of years.

“We work with local authorities and local residents.

“For every couple that Chichester take down there is a new estate built up in Crawley.”

Strict guidelines

Insp Byford oversees a team of about 18 people in two control centres, Brighton and Haywards Heath, which monitor the footage all day, every day.

They operate two main things: reactive, where they tune into the radio to help officers with live incidents; and proactive, where they trail through past recordings to help with inquiries.

All staff have to sign up to strict data protection guidelines and a code of practice while the force itself is covered by human rights and Government legislation.

Insp Byford added lay visitors could visit the centre at any point to inspect and make sure objectives were being upheld.

In the last three months police have had operators locate stolen property in vehicles, track suspected drug dealers, track robbers, and spot youths in possession of BB guns while looking at footage.

Plus research by CCTV User Group showed that of the three forensic investigation disciplines, which includes DNA and fingerprints, it was by far the cheapest.

But is this enough justification?

Fear of crime

Councillor Ben Duncan, a member of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel, said: “The important thing for communities is not so much reducing actual crime levels but reducing the fear of crime.

“It’s that which causes people to stay in their homes.

“We need to have ways to keep people safe but what people really want to see to make communities safer is a uniformed presence. We do not need any more cameras. We have to get some of our privacy back a little bit.”

Dave Murtagh, who lives in Moulsecoomb Way, Brighton, said he was surprised to hear there were nine cameras monitoring Moulsecoomb estate.

However, he did say he was asking officials to consider installing a camera at the top of his road.

Mr Murtagh said: “I do not actually buy into all these Big Brother thoughts.

“One of the reasons we want an extra one is as a deterrent.

I have been to the control room and I not sure how good they are at solving crimes as there are so many cameras and they are not always pointing the right way.”


The cameras and their locations:

Area      Location
BATTLE High Street / Lower lake - Chequers Inn
BATTLE High Street - 1066 PH
BATTLE High Street - Fire Station
BEXHILL                Cantelupe Road
BEXHILL                Channel View Road
BEXHILL                Devonshire Road
BEXHILL                Sackville Road
BEXHILL                Town Hall Square
BOGNOR REGIS                Railway Station
BOGNOR REGIS                London Road / Station Road
BOGNOR REGIS                Queensway / Cresent Road
BOGNOR REGIS                Station Road / Lyon Street
BOGNOR REGIS                High Street / London Road
BOGNOR REGIS                Queensway
BOGNOR REGIS                The Esplanade / The Steyne
BOGNOR REGIS                The Pier
BOGNOR REGIS                The Esplanade  opp Regis Centre
BOGNOR REGIS                The Esplanade / Gloucester Road
BOGNOR REGIS                Butlins RA
BOGNOR REGIS                Sea Road / Bognor Road Felpham
BOGNOR REGIS                Butlins  
BOSHAM             Bosham Car Park
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Western Road / Brunswick Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Esplanade / Lansdowne Place
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Western Road / Holland Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Church Road / The Drive
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Church Road / George Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Blatchington Road / George Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         King Alfred / St Aubyns
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Church Road / Sackville Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         King Alfred Centre / Esplanade
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Esplanade / Sackville Gardens
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Portland Road / Scott Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Esplanade / Wish Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Kingsway / Station Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Station Road / Boundary Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Sation Road / Portland Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Western Road / Norfolk Square
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Haddington Close
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Church Road / Palmeira Square
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Hangleton Road (The "Grenadier PH")
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Clock Tower
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Queens Road / Railway Station
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Palace Pier
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Kings Road / West Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Russell Road / Cannon Place
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Bond Street / North Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Preston Street / Western Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Churchill Square / Western Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Duke Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Market Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         East Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Gardener Street / Church Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         St James Street / Old Steine
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Lower Esplanade / Kings Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         West Street - Oceana Night Club
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Madeira Drive
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Gloucester Road / Kensington Gardens
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Trafalgar Street / Sydney Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Trafalgar Street / Over Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Regency Square / Esplanade
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Gloucester Place / St Peters
BRIGHTON & HOVE         London Road / Cheapside
BRIGHTON & HOVE         London Road / Preston Circus
BRIGHTON & HOVE         New England Road / Argyle Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Old Steine / Pavilion Parade
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Dyke Road / Wykeham Terrace
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Dyke Road / 6th Form College
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Western Road (o/side HMV ?)
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Lewes Road / Hartington Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Locks Hill / Old Shoreham Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Benfield Way / Old Shoreham Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Hangleton Road / Old Shoreham Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Old Shoreham Road / Dyke Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Lewes Road / Elm Grove
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Oxford Street
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Richmond Parade
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Queensdown Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Natal Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Bear Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Franklin Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         The Upper Drive
BRIGHTON & HOVE         St James Street / Lower Rock Gardens
BRIGHTON & HOVE         St James Street / Dorset Gardens
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Queens Road / North Road
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Brighton Marina (view only)
BRIGHTON & HOVE         Royal Sussex County Hospital (view only)
BURGESS HILL    Station Road
BURGESS HILL    Church Walk/Cyprus Road
BURGESS HILL    Church Walk
BURGESS HILL    The Martletts
BURGESS HILL    Station Road (east)
BURGESS HILL    Royal George Road
CHICHESTER       North Street / Northgate
CHICHESTER       North Street / St Peters
CHICHESTER       Crane Street / Chapel Street
CHICHESTER       North Street - south end
CHICHESTER       East Street - near cross
CHICHESTER       East Street - eastern end
CHICHESTER       Eastgate Square / The Hornet
CHICHESTER       South Street - end of precinct
CHICHESTER       South Street - southern end
CHICHESTER       Southgate / Market Avenue
CHICHESTER       New Park Road / Priory Road
CHICHESTER       West Street - opp Cathedral
CHICHESTER       Westgate / Avenue de Chartres
CHICHESTER       Stockbridge Road
CHICHESTER       St Martins Street
CHICHESTER       East Walls
CHICHESTER       Eastgate Square
CHICHESTER       New Park Road
CHICHESTER       Northgate Car Park - NW corner
CHICHESTER       Little London Car park
CHICHESTER       Newtown
CHICHESTER       Baffyns lane car park
CHICHESTER       East Pallant car park - NW corner
CHICHESTER       Cawley Priory Car Park
CHICHESTER       Market Avenue Car Park
CHICHESTER       South Pallant Car park
CHICHESTER       St Johns Car Park
CHICHESTER       Chichester Control Room
CHICHESTER       Cattle Market Car Park - E corner
CHICHESTER       Basin Road Car Park - N corner
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car park - SE corner
CHICHESTER       Westgate Centre Car Park
CHICHESTER       Skate park
CHICHESTER       Westgate - rear
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park (toilets fixed view)
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park (toilets fixed view)
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park - interior car park camera
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park - interior car park camera
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park - interior car park camera
CHICHESTER       Avenue De Chartres Car Park - interior car park camera
CHICHESTER       St Cyriacs car park
CHICHESTER       Pallents
CHICHESTER       New Park Road Car Park
CRAWLEY             The Boulevard / The Broadway
CRAWLEY             High Street (Brewery Shades)
CRAWLEY             High Street (Troys)
CRAWLEY             The Broadway / Haslett Avenue West
CRAWLEY             Queens Square
CRAWLEY             The Broadway / Queens Square
CRAWLEY             Queensway
CRAWLEY             Bus & Railway Station
CRAWLEY             Moka Club
CRAWLEY             Haslett Avenue (o/s Debenhams)
CRAWLEY             Kilnmead RA (Leisure Complex)
CRAWLEY             legends and Pucnh Bowl
CRAWLEY             J J Whispers
CRAWLEY             Costa Coffee
CRAWLEY             Game Station
CRAWLEY             Maidenbower Square
CRAWLEY             Maidenbower - Harvest Drive
CRAWLEY             Peterhouse Parade
CRAWLEY             Northgate Parade / Woodfield Road
CRAWLEY             Three Bridges Parade / Gales Drive
CRAWLEY             Three Bridges Railway Station
CRAWLEY             Pound Hill Parade / Worth Road
CRAWLEY             Furnace Green Parade / Furnace Drive
CRAWLEY             Tilgate Parade / Titmus Drive
CRAWLEY             Southgate Parade / Wakehurst Drive
CRAWLEY             Southgate West - Downland Drive / Caburn Heights
CRAWLEY             Shire Parade
CRAWLEY             Broadfield Health Centre
CRAWLEY             Broadfield Car Park
CRAWLEY             Broadfield Centre
CRAWLEY             Broadfield Barton - PH
CRAWLEY             Dorsten Square, Bewbush
CRAWLEY             Dorsen PH / Bewbush Drive
CRAWLEY             Gossops Green Parade
CRAWLEY             Dobbins Place - Ifield West
CRAWLEY             Ifield Parade / Ifield Drive
CRAWLEY             West Green Parade / West Green Drive
CRAWLEY             Langley Green Parade
CRAWLEY             Leisure Park Link
CRAWLEY             County Mall Link
CRAWLEY             Skate Park
CRAWLEY             Bewbush Pavilion - Rear
CRAWLEY             Bewbush Pavillion Front
CRAWLEY             Bewbush Pavillion Rear
CRAWLEY             Langley Parade 1
CRAWLEY             Langley Parade 2
CRAWLEY             Pocket Park
CRAWLEY             Linchmere Place
CRAWLEY             Rear Dorsten Square
CRAWLEY             Rear Furnace Green
CROWBOROUGH             Crowborough Hill / Farningham Road
CROWBOROUGH             Church Road / Chequers
CROWBOROUGH             High Street / Nevill Road
CROWBOROUGH             Crowborough Cross
EAST GRINSTEAD             High Street
EAST GRINSTEAD             London Road (South)
EAST GRINSTEAD             London Road / King Street
EAST GRINSTEAD             Kings Street - The Base
EAST GRINSTEAD             London Road / Broadway
EAST GRINSTEAD             London Road / A22 (North)
EAST GRINSTEAD             Railway Station
EAST GRINSTEAD             High Street (Rose & Crown)
EAST GRINSTEAD             Church Lane / De La Warr Road (car park)
EAST GRINSTEAD             Cantelupe Road
EAST GRINSTEAD             Library
EAST GRINSTEAD             Lewes Road / Beeching Way
EAST WITTERING              Shore Road
EASTBOURNE    Railway Station
EASTBOURNE    Cornfield Road
EASTBOURNE    Bolton Road
EASTBOURNE    Langney Road
EASTBOURNE    Pevensey Road
EASTBOURNE    Seaside Road
EASTBOURNE    Cavendish Place
EASTBOURNE    Princes park
EASTBOURNE    Terminus Road
EASTBOURNE    Bandstand
EASTBOURNE    Wish Tower
EASTBOURNE    Memorial Roundabout
EASTBOURNE    Ashford / Susans Road
EASTBOURNE    Cavendish / Pevensey Road
HAILSHAM          Vicarage Fields
HAILSHAM          Market
HAILSHAM          London Road
HAILSHAM          Sports Centre
HAILSHAM          North Street
HAILSHAM          South Road
HAILSHAM          Summerheath Road
HAILSHAM          Rope Makers Park
HASTINGS           Wellington Place
HASTINGS           Memorial Square
HASTINGS           Pelham Place
HASTINGS           Queens Road
HASTINGS           Carlisle Parade
HASTINGS           Hastings Railway Station
HASTINGS           Cambridge Road
HASTINGS           Harold Place
HASTINGS           Queens Road - North
HASTINGS           St Margarets Road / Falaise Road
HASTINGS           Pier
HASTINGS           Warrior Square
HASTINGS           London Road . St Leonards
HASTINGS           Kings Road , St Leonards
HASTINGS           St Leonards railway Station
HASTINGS           Marine Court
HASTINGS           George Street
HASTINGS           Rock a Nore - Fishmarket
HASTINGS           East Beach
HASTINGS           Sea Road
HASTINGS           Silverhill
HASTINGS           Ore Village
HASTINGS           Bohemia Road
HASTINGS           Norman Road
HASTINGS           Lifeboat Station
HASTINGS           Havelock
HASTINGS           High Street
HASTINGS           Chilton Drive, Broomgrove, Hastings
HASTINGS           Malvern Way / Penine Rise , Broomgrove, Hastings
HASTINGS           Priory Meadow centre
HASTINGS           Priory Meadow centre
HASTINGS           Hastings Borough Council
HAYWARDS HEATH          Sussex Square
HAYWARDS HEATH          South Road
HAYWARDS HEATH          South Road (west)
HAYWARDS HEATH          The Broadway
HAYWARDS HEATH          Commercial Square / Railway Station
HORSHAM          Carfax / Swan Walk
HORSHAM          West Street (South)
HORSHAM          Carfax
HORSHAM          East Street / Middle Street
HORSHAM          Market Square (suspended Oct 12)
HORSHAM          Carfax (Bandstand)
HORSHAM          North Street
HORSHAM          Arts Centre (North Street)
HORSHAM          Park House Lodge
HORSHAM          Rear of Park  House/Cons
HORSHAM          Chichester Terrace
HORSHAM          Recreation Centre
HORSHAM          Railway Station
HORSHAM          Play Area (Park)
HORSHAM          Blackhorse Way
HORSHAM          West Street / Swan Walk
HORSHAM          Worthing Road
HORSHAM          MacDonalds
HORSHAM          Bishopric
HORSHAM          Piries Passage
HORSHAM          Waitrose / Piries Place
HORSHAM          Piries Car Park
HORSHAM          Recreation Centre (rear)
HORSHAM          Albion Way
HORSHAM          East Street / Queens Street
HORSHAM          Skate Park
HORSHAM          Bus Station 1
HORSHAM          Bus Station 2
HORSHAM          Swimming Pool - Hurst Road entrance
HORSHAM          Swimming Pool - Car Park North
HORSHAM          Swimming Pool - Play Area
HORSHAM          Swimming Pool - Outside
HORSHAM          Library
HORSHAM          Water Feature
HORSHAM          Forum Precinct
HORSHAM          Forum Café
HORSHAM          Park Surg / underpass
LANCING             Lancing
LEWES   Cliffe High Street / High Street (o/s Boots)
LEWES   Lansdown Place / Station Street
LEWES   Station Street / High Street
LITTLEHAMPTON              Franciscan Way
LITTLEHAMPTON              Surrey Street
LITTLEHAMPTON              High Street (east end)
LITTLEHAMPTON              Pier Road
LITTLEHAMPTON              Arcade Road
LITTLEHAMPTON              Riverside
MIDHURST          Capron House
MIDHURST          North Street car park
MIDHURST          Lamberts Lane
MIDHURST          North Street central
MIDHURST          Market Square
MIDHURST          Bepton Road
MIDHURST          Grange Centre car park
MOULESCOOMB              Ringmer Road / Newick Road
MOULESCOOMB              Chailey Road
MOULESCOOMB              Lewes Road / Coldean Lane
MOULESCOOMB              Newick Road
MOULESCOOMB              Rigmer Road
MOULESCOOMB              Barcombe Road
MOULESCOOMB              Coldean/junction Lewes Road
MOULESCOOMB              Lewes Road/Southern Water
MOULESCOOMB              Coldean Belt
NEWHAVEN       Meeching Road
NEWHAVEN       High Street
NEWHAVEN       Chapel Street
NEWHAVEN       North Lane
PETWORTH         Village Square
PETWORTH         Pound Street car park north
PETWORTH         Pound Street car park south
PETWORTH         Sylvia Beaufoy car park
POLEGATE           High Street / Railway Station
POLEGATE           High Street / The Dinkum
Ravenside           Ravenside Retail Park
Ravenside           Brett Drive
Ravenside           link from Ravenside Security
RUSTINGTON    Woodlands Avenue
SEAFORD             Station Approach Roundabout
SEAFORD             Pelham Road / Dane Road o/s Morrisons
SEAFORD             Broad Street / High Street
SEAFORD             Clinton Place / Broad Street
SEAFORD             Place lane / Church Street
SEAFORD             South Street / Church Street
SEAFORD             Esplanade / Marine Parade
SELSEY  Fire Station / High Street
SELSEY  Neptune Public House
SELSEY  West Street junction
SELSEY  East Street car park
SELSEY  Church Road Junction
SHOREHAM        Coronation Green / High Street
SHOREHAM        Brunswick Road
SIDLEY   Ninfield Road
SIDLEY   Ninfield Road adjacent to Smith & Humphreys
SOUTHWATER   Pub camera
SOUTHWATER   Lintot Square Car Park
SOUTHWATER   Beeson House
SOUTHWATER   Rear car park / access road
SOUTHWICK       Southwick Square
STEYNING           High Street
WHITEHAWK      Whitehawk Road (outside the Whitehawk Centre)
WHITEHAWK      Whitehawk Way / Fletching Close
WHITEHAWK      Whitehawk Way / Plaistow Close
WHITEHAWK      Kestral Court
WHITEHAWK      Swallow Court
WHITEHAWK      Whitehawk Road (outside 143/144)
WHITEHAWK      Pildown Road / Nuthurst Place
WHITEHAWK      Wilson Avenue/ Stanley Deason
WORTHING        Cresent Road / Montague Street
WORTHING        Montague Street
WORTHING        Portland Road
WORTHING        Montague Place
WORTHING        South Street / Montague Street
WORTHING        Pier
WORTHING        Clock Tower
WORTHING        The Steyne / High Street
WORTHING        Chatsworth Road / Chapel Road
WORTHING        North Street / Chapel Road
WORTHING        Richmond Road car park
WORTHING        Teville Road
WORTHING        Railway Approach
WORTHING        Chapel Road / Richmond Road
WORTHING        Splash Point
WORTHING        Ivy Arch Road
WORTHING        High Street