This picture – taken in a Brighton city centre club – shows the 109 phones and 15 cameras which revellers left behind at venues in just one night.

Sussex police have released the photo – taken in Oceana in West Street – to remind people to keep hold of their possessions.

Brighton was yesterday named by an insurance firm as one of the country’s mobile phone theft hotspots.

Police said that 263 phones were stolen from the Regency area of Brighton centre between January and March this year.

The figure has dropped from the same period last year when 479 phones were taken but is “still too high”, according to police.

Sergeant Dave Bennett, who leads Operation Tealeaf, which targets theft, said: “This is still too high a number and we will continue to try and drive down the number of thefts and make in particular the student population aware who are quite often victims of mobile phone thefts.

“As part of Operation Marble (policing of the night-time economy) two officers are now specifically assigned to Operation Tealeaf.

“High visibility policing in venues is alternated with plain-clothed work.

“Officers walk through venues identifying areas of concern to door staff and management and point out persons of interest.

“Plain clothes operations are also run throughout the business area of the town including Churchill Square which includes coffee shops and retail shops.”

Earlier this year, Coalition, of Kings Road Arches, Brighton, began tempting thieves with fake phones and snaring them as they left the club.

The club’s workers also look for people who have open bags or have left their belongings unattended and point out to them the risk of theft.

Police have now released magnetic posters of phones and attached them to the back of police vans.

They released the information as gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble revealed more than one in 10 of claims received by the insurance company were for theft.

According to its figures, Brighton, Manchester, Leicester, Belfast and London were the hot-spots for mobile phone theft.

If you have left your phone in a Brighton club visit Brighton Police Station in John Street or call 101.