In response to the feature highlighting the views of John Speight of Howard Road, Brighton, whose chickens were killed recently by a mother fox (The Argus, April 9), this gives cause for concern.

His daughter at a later date saw their cat being chased by a fox. He also goes on to say he caught a glimpse of the fox fleeing from his house a few days later. I presume a door or window was open for the animal to be able to do this.

The fox in these cases seems to be a vixen with new cubs as Mr Speight has provided a photograph of a vixen with a young cub.

Like all animals, she will try to protect and feed her young as we humans do. Unless chickens are securely housed, foxes will take them – that is nature. Strong, fox-proof housing is the answer for all chickens.

Mr Speight wants Brighton and Hove City Council to end the problem.

This is not such a big problem as it may seem and a little compassion towards wildlife could go a long way.

The vixen will be lucky if she manages to raise her litter because of the freezing conditions we have had. A full litter does not always survive – sometimes no cubs do. This fox shouldn’t be killed for being a good mother.

We must try to live alongside our wildlife, be aware of foxes in our area and live accordingly.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove