Sussex Police have issued directions to March for England protesters and counter-demonstrators.

They have been issued under the Public Order Act 1986.

Section 14 notices are issued where the Chief Constable believes the directions to be necessary to prevent disorder, damage, disruption or intimidation.

The first notice directs that the assembly will be confined to Madeira Drive.

It said: “The assembly area shall be confined to the road bounded by the pavement running along its southern edge. It will run west as far as the pedestrian crossing next to the aquarium roundabout and as far east as the police crowd control barriers.”

The second notice directs that the assembly will be confined to the southern pavement adjacent to the A259.

It said: “The assembly area will be designated south of the barriers running along the pavement on the upper promenade running as far east as the bollards to the pavement next to Brighton Pier and as far west as the bollards on the pavement next to the ramp leading down to the lower promenade and opposite East Street.

“The assembly area will be confined to the upper promenade only.”

Both notices will be effective from 10am until 3pm and participants are advised that if they do not comply with the directions or incite another person not to do so, they will commit an offence and may be liable to arrest.

Superintendent Steve Whitton said: “As always, our priority is public safety. It is vitally important that those attending the event work with us and comply with directions or other restrictions which we will need to give to keep people safe. This will help to ensure officers can focus their attention on the minority of those who may be intent on causing trouble.

"Due to the risk of disorder on the day we are likely to be stopping and searching more people and have pre-authorised powers to do this under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

"We have a duty to balance the rights of people to carry out a peaceful protest, whether in support of the march or opposed to it, allowing those to go about their normal business in the city, whilst always prioritising public safety through preventing crime and disorder.

"Unlawful behaviour - or that which goes beyond what could be considered reasonable in terms of peaceful protest - will not be tolerated and will be dealt with positively."

The Argus will be live blogging the event.

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