I was horrified to read last Monday’s story about the possibility of a cycle ban on Hove promenade being lifted (The Argus, April 15).

Firstly, as most people know, this ban has never been policed anyway as people do cycle on Hove seafront.

We must not give any more licence to cyclists. They have become the biggest threat to pedestrians, even more than the motor car.

While I understand there are some responsible cyclists, there are many who are not. Do they understand the law?

Brighton has become a danger zone where pavements, parks, precincts, zebra crossings and red lights mean nothing. And of course they don’t because they are not policed.

Has anyone ever heard of a cyclist being prosecuted?

Bicycles should be licenced and the users should understand the law.

There is already a cycle lane along Hove seafront, with the adjacent pavement used by lunatics to overtake.

The lawns are used by cyclists to cut across and now we might be giving them the promenade. Why not make the Royal Pavilion into a velodrome?

Nick Best, Castle Lane, Steyning

I can’t believe there is a proposal to lift this bylaw. Is there one there? You could have fooled me.

Cyclists who have never learnt to read have been using this promenade for years. In ten years I have only once seen officials actually stopping these privileged pedal-pushers.

The same goes for the “no barbecues” and “no dogs” notices on certain beaches – they are ignored frequently.

Why waste taxpayers’ money putting up these signs when there is never anyone to enforce these bylaws?

Susan Winter, The Drive, Hove

I would welcome a lift on the ban on cycling along the seafront.

Surely it would be relatively easy to extend the cycle lane along here and avert the safety fears of pedestrians.

Heather French, Victoria Road, Portslade