By Matt Mace

Google Glass wearers could be banned from a Brighton shop in a move that is believed to be the first in the country.

Arts and crafts souvenir shop Zoingimage, in Sydney Street, has posted signs on their windows banning the |use of the device on their premises.

The new gadget was delivered to the first customers outside the company on Thursday after they signed up last year to be the first to buy the ‘explorer edition’.

Google Glass, worn like a pair of glasses, has the ability to record images and take photos, operating like a mobile phone or tablet.

The firm says the high resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition TV viewed from eight feet away – but warns that users will have to recharge their glasses every day.

A number of places in Las Vegas, including the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, have already stated the devices will not be allowed on the premises, but Zoingimage is believed to be the first to ban the glasses in the UK.

Protecting products

Serge Rolland, who works at Zoingimage, said: “I want to protect my photographs that I sell as we create and design our own product.

"I do not feel comfortable having someone in the shop, not knowing if they are filming or taking photos of what we do.”

Google Glass won’t be on sale to the public until later this year. So far, people only have prototypes but there are very few of them.

Mr Rolland added: “I have not seen anyone with them as it is still a while until they get released. In fact I am thinking to take the sign down until then as a lot of people ask me about it.”

It has been reported that Google is already expressly forbidding Google Glass owners from selling or even loaning the device to someone else.

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