Scores of snakes have been discovered in gardens and driveways after the long overdue sunshine brought them out of hiding.

Both corn and king snakes have been picked up in Brighton and Hove in the past ten days as the slippery customers soak up the sun.

As a result, the RSPCA says it is overrun with the reptiles and has many more on waiting lists.

Keith Simpson-Wells, from the organisation’s Patcham reptile rescue centre, explained the boom was largely down to the weather.

He said: “These snakes are real escape artists.

“They will often escape earlier in the year and then come out around this time with the sun finally making an appearance.”

The centre is currently full with 10 corn snakes and six king snakes on their books.

Mr Simpson-Wells said many more were on the waiting list.

The centre also has seven bearded dragon lizards with eight more on the waiting list.

None of the creatures are venomous and regarded by Mr Simpson-Wells as “good pets”.

Corn snakes are originally from the central and eastern regions of the US.

Mr Simpson-Wells describes them as “fairly docile creatures” and they can live up to 18 years.

The king snake is also native to North America and is known for being “inquis- itive and energetic”.

They kill their prey by constriction and are known to eat anything from lizards to birds.

Bearded dragons, sometimes known as pogonas, can be found throughout Australia.

They can grow up to 18 inches long and can change colour when challenged by other lizards.

Mr Simpson-Wells added: “They all make really good pets and I would strongly recommend them.

“The snakes are safe to handle and rel- atively calm.

“If anyone has any questions or wants to know if they are suitable pets then they can contact the centre.”

For more details call 07815525578 or visit