Regarding the seafront of Brighton and Hove, I support the recent readers’ letters lobbying for a continued cycling ban.

The seafront is so full of people between April and October that cycling is simply impractical, not to mention dangerous.

On Sundays, I have to ensure I finish my run by 10am, owing to people-traffic as well as a multitude of dogs on Hove esplanade.

Many of us own a bike but we don’t all insist on riding them to every venue. In my view, cyclists should dismount on the esplanade, as most already do.

Often, the only pleasure I have is a walk or quiet sit or jog on the seafront. I pray the minority are not permitted to ruin the quiet enjoyment of the majority.

The council has kept this bylaw for well over 100 years so why change the status quo?

S Zapello, Wickhurst Road, Portslade