A homeless artist who leaves no stone unturned is battling eviction from a beach.

Dr Geebers, as he prefers to be known, has walked the entire coast of the United Kingdom creating pebble artworks on beaches from the south coast to Scotland.

After setting off from Brighton in 2009, he has returned to create his grandest sculpture ever – a “rock” band complete with lead singer, pianist and drummer.

But stony-faced council chiefs have ordered the 37-year-old to leave the beach near Black Rock, where he sleeps in a tent.

More than 150 well-wishers have signed a petition asking Brighton and Hove City Council to allow Dr Geebers to stay but the local authority said he would be served with an official eviction notice on Sunday.

The artist, originally from Ballymena in Northern Ireland, is hoping to stay “at least” until the Fringe arts festival begins on May 4.

He said: “This is what led me to walking the coast.

"No wonder many artists have to travel to create art.

"Even so I will never give up on living the dream. That’s life.”

Dr Geebers’ love of creating pebble artwork started four years ago after a friend drunkenly bet him he could not create a Yin and Yang symbol out of pebbles.

Since then he has created sculptures around the country, including a 6ft dragon in Wales and a Formula One car in Skegness.

A council spokeswoman said: “Anyone found camping contrary to the Brighton and Hove byelaws will be issued with a notice requesting them to remove their tent.

"The council has to act consistently, and a notice will be served on Sunday.”