Albion fans have been warned they are in a last chance saloon if they misbehave at any potential play-off match against rivals Crystal Palace.

The call comes as the club announced stringent new conditions for any fans hoping to travel to Selhurst Park for a potential play-off clash against Palace next Friday.

Fans have criticised the move as “draconian” and “heavy-handed” as they face up to a year exclusion if they don’t follow the restrictions.

However, the club defended the move saying the conditions were introduced following negotiations with the Metropolitan Police which averted the possibility all Albion fans would be excluded from the first leg.

The new conditions have been introduced following violence which marred Albion’s last visit to Selhurst Park in December last year.

Prior to that game, ten men were arrested following a brawl between rival supporters at Kings Cross on November 10.

Tickets will be restricted to season ticket holders on a one ticket per person basis with fans’ details and seat number made available to Crystal Palace, the Metropolitan Police and Sussex Police.

All away fans must carry a separate document which confirms their identity or they will not be allowed in the ground for the match or any other play-off games.

Ban risk

Any fans using a ticket issued to another fan or any fan who lets someone else use their ticket will be banned for a year.

A club spokesman said: “Following the incidents at the same fixture earlier in the season, the Metropolitan Police discussed the possibility that no Albion supporters would be allowed to attend the semi-final.

"The two clubs worked together to find a solution that would allow away supporters to attend.

“We do not consider the conditions draconian, they are reasonable in the circumstances.

“Most people already carry identity so this should not be too difficult and most of the other conditions describe matters that are already part of the ticket sales conditions.”


Mike Costello, of the Mid Sussex Seagulls, said the best outcome would be for Crystal Palace to finish seventh and miss out on the play-offs.

He added: “It is heavy-handed, it is draconian. I nearly fell over when I read the conditions.

“I do understand why they have done it though. It is a massive game and whoever loses will be angry.”

Andy Stonestreet, chairman of the North West Sussex Seagulls, said: “I think it is over cautious and sometimes these things make it worse because they bring more and more attention to the game.”

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