Further cases of child abuse involving the Church of England may yet to be uncovered, a report has found.

Research into the scandal-hit Diocese of Chichester has suggested that many victims may still feel unable to come forward and report their suffering.

The study was commissioned two years ago by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

It followed various child abuse incidents in the diocese.

The 12-page report has prompted his successor, Dr Justin Welby, to renew his apology to victims for their "pain and hurt".

He added: "We believe that there may be many more victims of abuse who have never come forward to report their experiences.

“We wish to reassure them that we will listen to and respond in any ways that are appropriate to a report of abuse by priests or church workers.”

The report's authors, Bishop John Gladwin and Chancellor Rupert Bursell QC, said the diocese has "moved forward a very long way" and put in place "excellent" safeguarding practices.

However,  the report adds: "We do not intend, however, to give the impression that there remains nothing further to do. Indeed, this is far from the case as the senior team recognises.

"We believe that it is inevitable that there will be other survivors of the known abusing clergy who have not felt able to come forward. We also recognise that there may still be abusers who are as yet unrecognised."