You rightly give publicity to The Brooke Hospital for Sick Animals, a charity originally set up to rescue horses taken to the First World War but left to their own fate in Egypt (The Argus, November 7).

While remembering the efforts of Mrs Brooke, however, we should not forget the sterling work of another compassionate woman closer to home - Pauline Grant.

Now past official retiring age, she has dedicated her entire life to running the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust in Uckfield, where she is totally reliant upon local donations and support.

We are known as a nation of animal lovers, yet Pauline has spent her life rescuing horses from pet food markets, travellers, circuses, the racing industry and anywhere they are misused and maltreated.

Pauline campaigns tirelessly for the licensing and registration of horse breeders and for all animals sold to have permanent identification making it easier to bring unscrupulous owners to book.

You can learn more about her charity and ways of supporting her and the 211 horses, ponies and donkeys in her care at

  • David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks