I’m really worried that I’m going to kill or seriously injure a cyclist.

Not because I harbour homicidal tendencies, but because they are out of control.

Twice recently I have seen cyclists ride across a stream of traffic to get across a road, coming within inches of a collision.

Other correspondents have highlighted jumping red lights, cycling on pavements, riding on the wrong side of the road and not having lights.

A year ago, a cyclist racing downhill and ignoring give-way signs crashed into the side of my car at crossroad resulting in him having to go to hospital and causing £1,600 worth of damage to my car.

The driving test in this country sets a high standard so that every motorist, even if he or she doesn’t always adhere to it, knows what is expected of him or her; cyclists just haven’t got a clue. Councillor Ian Davey says he wants to make Brighton a city safe for cyclists; shouldn’t he also be considering making Brighton safe from cyclists?

And isn’t it high time cyclists were tested in the same way as motorists?

David Williams, Stoneham Road, Hove

I have now seen everything.

Old Shoreham Road, overly wide cycle lanes on each side; solitary cyclist, riding on the pavement.

Derek Hennessy, Hove Park Way, Hove