A political coup to oust a council leader has failed after opposition parties refused to back plotters from the city's ruling party.

Rebel members of the Green administration on Brighton and Hove City Council today failed in a bid to replace Jason Kitcat with Phelim MacCafferty.

After failing to secure enough support within in their own group of councillors, rebel approaches to Labour and Conservative councillors were then knocked back.

Opposition councillors are now calling for all Green councillors to resign adding the group was "irrevocably split".

Labour and Co-operative Group Leader Cllr Warren Morgan confirmed he was approached by a rebel group of Green councillors asking for support in removing Cllr Jason Kitcat as council leader at this afternoon's Annual Council Meeting.

Almost half of Green councillors have asked Labour to choose Green councillor Phelim McCafferty to replace Councillor Kitcat at today’s Annual Council meeting.

The Argus: Political coup to oust Brighton and Hove council leader fails

Councillor Morgan has refused to involve the Labour group in Green infighting.

Coun Morgan said: “The Green Party in Brighton and Hove is now irrevocably split.

"To ask an opposition group to help oust their party leader and choose a new one is utterly desperate and absurd.

"The Greens cannot now reasonably expect to run the city council.

"Residents need a council leadership which can sort out the mess in the town hall and clear up the mess on our streets.

"If they cannot work together, I call on members of the Green group to resign their seats on the council, and give residents the chance to elect Labour councillors who will put the interests of residents and the city before petty party political infighting.”

It is believed there are ten members of the rebel Green group.

This means there are 12 which continue to support Coun Kitcat at the head of his party.

Prominent members include former Sussex Police Authority member Ben Duncan, former deputy council leader Phelim MacCafferty and former Caroline Lucas aide Alex Phillips.

The Argus understands some Conservative councillors were also approached but this was also rejected.