We passed a large group of schoolchildren taking their cycling proficiency test and thought, “Take a good look because it will be the last time about 50% of these youngsters will be seen cycling on the road – they will be joining the ever-increasing number who persist in riding on our pavements.”

One dangerous game is to ride for a while on the pavement before, without warning or looking, deciding to ride on the road for a few yards, and dodge to and fro regardless of traffic, toddlers, dogs or the elderly, who end up being the ones to get out of the way. It’s us who need the helmets.

It would help if cyclists went at a steadier speed, for their own safety if nothing else. One day there is going to be a serious (yet preventable) accident, especially when some ride along listening to music.

“Think Bike” is a slogan we hear. How about the bods on the bikes doing a bit of thinking as well?

Joan Archer, Rusper Road South, Worthing