How many of us have seen a real, live badger around Brighton?

Some may not care that they haven’t seen one. But for others, it’s important that badgers exist, even if they are out of sight.

Like elephants, tigers and polar bears – creatures we know through books and TV – many of us will never see them yet it’s somehow vital to us that they live on.

Many of these animals are under threat right now, including our own badgers.

A cull is being planned in a bid to tackle TB in cattle, even though the science indicates that, at best, killing badgers would only have a tiny impact. Many of us believe that the cull is politically motivated, and that there are other ways to combat the disease.

This Saturday, June 1, Brightonians will join many from around the country in a family-friendly gathering in London to say “Save our badgers”.

We welcome any Argus readers who wish to join us. Without our wildlife, either near or far, where would we be?

The protest starts at noon at Millbank, near Tate Britain.

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Chris Pitt, Care For The Wild