Public opinion polls routinely show decisive opposition to the idea of a badger cull.

In October 2012, MPs voted to abandon the cull by 147 to just 28 votes.

Eminent scientists, such as Professor John Bourne and Lord John Krebs, have spoken out strongly against the cull, while wildlife experts Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham also oppose it.

So, despite massive scientific, political and popular opposition, the Government’s controversial pilot badger cull is set to begin tomorrow.

The Government defines bovine TB as “an infectious disease of cattle”. Better on-farm welfare, tighter biosecurity and stricter cattle movement controls are key to combating it.

To protect badgers from this disease and to prevent them passing it back to cows, vaccination can be usefully employed, as is the case in Wales.

Ignoring the views of scientists, wildlife experts and the public will only damage the Government. Badgers have friends, and those friends have votes.

Readers of The Argus can sign Dr Brian May’s petition against the badger cull on the Government’s e-petition website (, write to your MP and join a National March against the Badger Cull, in London tomorrow.

David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks