My family is searching for relatives of my mom, Nellie Helen Mugovero (née Marchant), who left the UK after the Second World War as a war bride and came to the US.

She was born (May 25, 1923) and raised at 22 St Peter’s Street in Brighton by George and Helen Marchant. She had two sisters: Doris (deceased) and Irene (whereabouts now unknown – she married, had a son and lived in Africa for a while).

Her dad remarried just before or during the war. They had five children. Mom referred to them as the “five Ds”: Diane, David, Derrick, Dean and one other. They would probably be in their 70s or 80s now.

She entered the RAF as a corporal during the war and married my dad (George Mugovero). After the war they settled in the US.

My mom is now 90 years old. She lost contact with all her siblings other than Doris. We would like to know about her sister Irene, whether alive or deceased. Email or write to: Louise (Mugovero) Dickens, 901 Vauxhall Street Extension, Quaker Hill, CT 06375, Connecticut, USA