An all-night rave at an unauthorised travellers’ site kept Brighton residents awake – and no council official was on duty to help.

Home-owners complained of “atrocious” late-night music, fireworks “like gunshots” and human waste at Coldean Woods.

About 40 vehicles are parked at the unauthorised site in woods off Coldean Lane.

But when Ruth White, who lives on Park Road, complained to the council, she was told there is “no demand” for the noise service on a Bank Holiday Sunday evening.

She has written an official complaint to council leader Jason Kitcat.

Ruth said: “It was absolutely atrocious. I was literally crying I was so tired.

“There was used toilet paper and a stench of human waste. It’s totally unfair.”

Police were called to the rave on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Edwin Baker, who also lives in Park Road, said: “It was still going at 7am. We thought there was a festival going on.”

Mother Sharon McDonald, of Woburn Place, said: “The kids thought the fireworks were gunshots. I had to put cotton wool in my ears.”

Under review A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “Like a number of local authorities we do not offer a 24- hour, seven-day noise service but instead target resources according to demand and need.

“Our environmental health team used to offer a Sunday night noise service on Bank Holiday weekends but there wasn’t the demand for it.

“We continue to keep the service under review.”

Sussex Police confirmed there was a rave and said revellers were warned about noise levels and toldmusic equipment would be confiscated if residents continued to be disturbed.

A spokesman said: “We advised the informant to contact the council the following day in relation to their complaints about mess in the area.”

A member of the traveller group, who did not give his name, would not comment on the noise complaints.

He said: “The council is not fulfilling its moral obligations to site travellers.

“When we have a good working relationship with the councils it allays locals’ fears.”

The group have been asked to leave by the end of June by the council.

The city’s dedicated traveller site in Horsdean is still closed for maintenance.

The council spokesman added: “We have made it clear to the occupants that any further antisocial behaviour such as noise or litter problems is likely to trigger formal eviction proceedings.”