It was lovely to remember the anniversary of The Beatles appearing at the Hippodrome on June 2, 1963 (The Argus, June 1).

I was 15 years old and came down from Haywards Heath on the train with my friend. We spent the day in Brighton visiting both the piers, heading for the theatre in the evening.

Some information in your article is incorrect.

A Hard Day’s Night did not come out until 1964. In June 1963 The Beatles were riding high in the charts with Please Please Me.

In those days, the shows at the Hippodrome used to feature several artists and, on this day, Roy Orbison was top of the bill with The Beatles second.

The first half of the show finished with Gerry And The Pacemakers singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. He sang it on this tour and it was so popular they recorded it.

The Beatles would have only sung three or four numbers and had only recorded a couple of songs at that time. A lot of the audience would have come to see Roy Orbison rather than The Beatles and I don’t remember there being a lot of Beatle hysteria.

I didn’t go to see them when they came back in 1964 as I had moved on to the Rolling Stones by then, who I did see at the Hippodrome and did scream a lot about while not hearing much of the music.

I went to many concerts at the Hippodrome but remember the Roy Orbison concert (with The Beatles) with affection because it was the first show I went to.

The programme and ticket you showed said October 25 on it, probably from 1964, as A Hard Day’s Night came out that year. Unfortunately, when I left home, my mother threw away all my programmes and tickets.

Wendy McClymont, Mulberry Close, Shoreham

I was there – I went with my then-girlfriend, whose father was in the band. Her mum worked behind the bar and her sister was backstage doing makeup.

But, I must confess, as a 20-year-old, we went to see Roy Orbison, not The Beatles!

What still sticks in my mind is Roy singing Running Scared. You could have heard a pin drop in the Hippodrome.

Those were great days. It’s a shame the venue ever closed.

Mick Dovey, by email