Boxing and chess are rarely spoken about in the same breath.

But a sport fusing the two disciplines is taking the country by storm – and could be coming to Sussex.

A pair of film students, who made a documentary on chessboxing for their final year university project, are now looking to start an organised club in Brighton and Hove.

Michael Laver and Dominic Hamilton premiered their film, Squaring Up, at Brighton’s The Basement on Tuesday night.

The bizarre sport, which has its origins in Berlin in the early 2000s, features 12 rounds – six of boxing and six of chess.

The winner is the first player to either secure a checkmate or to knock out their opponent.

The University of Sussex media practice and theory students, both 22, followed the only UK club in London as the subject of their final year project.

Mr Laver said: “It is a fascinating sport. We went to visit the group in London and created a 15-minute film exploring the new sport.

“I gave it a go, but owing to my lack of chess knowledge, I was relying on the knockout.

“I really want to get a group started down here in Brighton, it would be perfect for the city’s zany personality.”

The pair screened their finished documentary along with fellow students at their media practice degree show at the Kensington Street venue on June 4.

Mr Laver added: “There is quite a lot to it actually. Some competitors are good at the boxing side while others are better at chess.

“If a fighter thinks they can knock out their opponent, they will try to keep the chess game going to give them time. There are loads of little tactics like that.”

The pair will both graduate in July and hope to remain in the city to set up their own chessboxing club.

Anyone interested in starting a Brighton and Hove chessboxing club should email contact.