I wish to make no blanket comments about bad cyclists or the reasons why we perceive them as such, but I feel I need to relate this story.

Last Friday morning, I was waiting to use the pedestrian crossing at Montpelier Terrace on the approach to Seven Dials in Brighton.

I and two workmen watched, in horror, as a cyclist approached the Seven Dials junction, against the flow of traffic, having ignored diversion signs, and proceeded to continue across the busy junction itself without, seemingly, reducing speed.

Bad in itself, you might think: the fact a small child was sitting in a basket mounted to the handlebars sent me into a state of shock which caused me to type this letter as soon as I was able.

To the cyclist: you know who you are. I hope you are suitably ashamed of yourself. Endanger your own life by all means but not that of a child.

If there are CCTV cameras around there, I think their recordings should be scrutinised. There are child endangerment issues at stake here.

Tommy Coyne, Powis Grove, Brighton