Staff are on strike at two golf courses in Brighton and Hove, which will not have their grass in protest of proposed cuts to greenkeepers' allowances.

GMB greenkeepers working for Brighton and Hove City Council contractor Mytime active yesterday began a 24-hour strike at Golf Courses in Hollingbury Park and Waterhall in Brighton.

The strike has come about because of Mytime Active announcement of a proposal to lay off staff and cut up to £4,000 from the take home pay of those remaining.

Gary Palmer GMB Organiser said “Our concern is that Mytime now disgracefully wish to make our members pay for their incompetency by the introduction of a cost cutting plan which involves an estimated 20% pay cut, through the removal of allowances, in addition to a post reduction and changes to rotas for those remaining.

“How is making people worse off and unemployed helping the community they serve?”

The initial one day strike will be followed by further notifications of additional industrial action if the company refuse to withdraw the proposed cuts and fail to negotiate meaningfully with the unions.

Mr Palmer added: “Simply ignoring the issue will not make the GMB go away, we will always robustly defend members' terms, conditions and pay from unscrupulous employers.

“They need to talk to us to resolve this matter, how quickly that happens is up to them.”