A front page story published by The Argus has made a splash overseas.

On April 24 this year The Argus revealed that Terry Pratchett had been chosen as the 2013 author for City Reads – a festival of live events, workshops, readings designed to encourage people to get reading and talking about books.

After City Reads published the story on its Facebook and Twitter account, festival organisers claim they have received more than 150,000 likes and shares.

The front page of The Argus even found its way to passionate Pratchett fans in Germany.

Now European fans of the Discworld series are planning a visit to Brighton – despite tickets not even being on sale yet.

Marcus Williams, who runs the boutique Amherst hotel in Lower Rock Gardens in Kemptown with Lee Brown, said: “After the third call from Germany booking rooms for a weekend in late September, we wondered if there was a conference or something on that we didn’t know about.

“So on the fourth call we asked if they were coming over for something special.

“It turns out that a friend of a friend on Facebook had seen the front page of The Argus and decided to book flights and accommodation even before the tickets had gone on sale for his event at Brighton Dome on September 29.

“It seems that Terry Pratchett has many fans in Germany and they are all thrilled about coming to see him in Brighton.”

Sir Terry’s book Guards! Guards!

is the eighth novel from his Discworld series and on September 29 the acclaimed writer will appear at the Brighton Dome.

Mr Williams added: “It’s lovely to know that he has so many European fans coming to Brighton.

“We’re really looking forward to reading Guards! Guards! I’m just praying that they get tickets.”