Two UFOs have been spotted hovering above Britain’s Scientology headquarters in Sussex.

Commercial airline pilots reported “two saucer shaped silver discs” as they approached to land at Gatwick in December last year.

The UFOs also appeared briefly on radar screens in the control tower before disappearing from sight.

A report by the UK Airprox Board gave the exact location of the objects as just a fewmiles from the Saint Hill Castle Church of Scientology in East Grinstead.

The file was closed on the mysterious case earlier this year with experts stating that the sighting was “not resolved”.

Discs The papers record that the pilot of a Boeing 777 reported seeing two “silver discs” below his flight path just before 9am on December 30.

All three of pilots on the airliner’s flight deck confirmed seeing the UFOs which they described as “very slow moving or stationary”.

Two further airlines, a Boeing 767 and Airbus 319, also reported the “toy like” discs adding that they were hovering at between 1,000ft and 1,500ft.

Bemused air traffic controllers referred to their radar and to their amazement spotted two dots.

However, on the next update of the radar screen they were gone.


Investigations were made to assess whether a local flying club was responsible, but they found no registered radio-controlled model flying clubs listed in the area.

The report concluded: “There was no doubt that the B777 crew, and two subsequent flights, had seen a couple of objects, reported by the B777 crew as man-made and toy-like.

“However, with the dearth of other information available to the board and with the objects sighted remaining untraced, the board elected to classify this incident as a sighting report on final approach. The risk was deemed un-assessable.”

East Grinstead is home to the controversial religion’s UK base.

Scientologists believe that we are all spiritual beings who live countless lives in various different bodies.

Some sections of the religion believe that our spirits are that of aliens who use the bodies of humans.

Well known supporters of the religion include Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

But a spokesman for the East Grinstead headquarters played down the sighting, adding that it had “no significance whatsoever”.