A dad got an explosive Father’s Day present yesterday when a Second World War shell was found in his back garden.

Ian Casselden had invited his treasure hunting friends to scour his Polegate property for historical artefacts.

He said his Otham Court Lane house and surrounding land was knownto be the site of an 11th century local fair.

But his metal detector pals unearthed something a little more up-to-date when they chanced upon a 14 pound live anti-aircraft gun shell.

They called the police who scrambled a bomb disposal team from Folkestone.

Mr Casselden said: “They decided the best thing was to blow it up. They asked if anyone wanted to press the button.

“My daughter Rebecca’s hand shot up and she got to blow it up.”

The field is usually home to horses and is regularly mowed.

Mr Casselden added: “I’m not sure what would have happened if I went over it. I’m glad I never had to find out.”

After the controlled explosion, Mr Casselden’s friends went back out and dug up an 11th century coin.

He added: “It was quite an eventful day really.”