The number of bus journeys made in Brighton and Hove has doubled in 20 years.

Figures from bus companies and compiled by the city council reveal that journeys have soared from 22million in 1992/3 to 44.8 million in 2012/3.

This represents the total number of single passenger journeys within Brighton and Hove, using all eight operators in the city.

The council, which works in partnership with operators, says sustained private and public investment in services has contributed to making it easier and more convenient for people to use the service.

Brighton and Hove has recently been awarded £3.4 million government funding for a Better Bus Area and more than £4 million to improve Lewes Road.

City council head of transport Mark Prior said: “We work with our partners to provide a network that offers good choice, is easy to use and convenient.

“More people choosing to use buses will also help to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.”

Brighton and Hove Bus Company managing director Martin Harris said: “It has been a big success because we work hard to ensure the bus services respond to what people want and working in partnership means we can achieve so much more.

“It’s good to know that bus travel in the city is continuing to go from strength to strength.”


Andrew Dyer from Stagecoach South said: “Ourcontinual investment into new vehicles, smarter ticketing, more frequent services and the introduction of the concessionary fare scheme alongside improvementsmade by the council, has encouraged more people in the area to use the bus.”

Tom Druitt from the Big Lemon Bus Company said: “It’s wonderful to hear that more and more people are using the buses and I’m proud of the small role that The Big Lemon has played in that.

“I look forward to working with the city council and the other operators in the city to make the buses more and more convenient, affordable and sustainable.”

Recent features introduced to ease bus travel include a network of priority bus lanes on key routes, such as the Western Road/North Street corridor and the A259 coast road and Real Time Information signs at bus stops that let people know when buses are due.

There are also talking bus stops for the blind or partially-sighted.