An angry Blue Badge holder has received four parking tickets from a supermarket since May this year, despite being exempt from the charges.

Gerald McWalters, of Colbourne Avenue, Moulscoomb, has a pacemaker and suffers from a heart problem.

He regularly waits outside the ASDA superstore in Hollingbury for his daughter, who has learning difficulties, while she completes her late-night shop.

Mr McWalters, who always parks in a disabled parking space, described the tickets as a nuisance, and said: “It’s bureaucracy gone mad. We spend a lot of money at Asda and it’s offputting receiving tickets every time we go.”

The car park has been managed by Smart Parking Ltd since May this year, and cameras have been installed which automatically send a fine if Blue Badge Holders have not registered their vehicle at the customer service desk.

Darren Evans, store manager at Asda Hollingbury, said: “Based on customer feedback we will be changing the car parking time from two hours to three hours.

“Because it is a new system there have been a few glitches, which should be rectified when we introduce the new parking times.

“The regional manager from Smart Parking has assured me the new signage will be up by the end of this week.”