Shocking film footage shows a cruel mother just moments before she stamped a neighbour’s pet duck to death.

A CCTV camera filmed heartless Charlene Winter as she let her dog attack the defenceless bird because she was fed up with the noise it was making.

Minutes later the horrified neighbour watched as the 33-year-old viciously stamped on the duck, allowing her out-of-control dog to bite it to death.

Yesterday Winter, from Littlehampton, had her convictions for two counts of animal cruelty upheld at Chichester Magistrates’ Court - one for stamping on the duck and one for failing to control her dog.

She now faces a maximum sentence of 51 weeks in prison and a fine of up to £20,000.

The horrific incident happened at 8am on September 3 last year when Winter visited her neighbour’s garden in Wick Parade, Wick, to complain about noise.

A camera set up by the homeowner filmed Winter lurching drunkenly around the garden as she allowed her dog, which was off its lead, to chase the neighbour’s terrified ducks. RSPCA prosecutor David Buck told the court yesterday how Winter then lunged at one of the birds just off camera.

He said: “She had her foot on it and did so heavily with the effect that it was severely injured and died shortly afterwards.”

A vet said the duck’s injuries were consistent with being stood on and that it would have suffered intensely.

After the hearing, an RSPCA spokeswoman said: “This was a horrific incident and the duck was clearly terrified before it met its horrible death.

“Charlene Winter’s behaviour was incredibly cruel.”

Winter was first convicted of the two animal cruelty offences in April in her absence after she failed to turn up to court.

She appealed the decision on the basis that she “suffered from paranoia” and did not have enough credit on her phone to warn the court she was unable to face giving evidence.

But in court yesterday, magistrates decided Winter’s no-show had been deliberate and upheld her original convictions.

She was released on unconditional bail and will be sentenced at Worthing Magistrates’ Court on July 18.