An airline operator is looking at new routes after its flights to Paris were hit by delays.

Brighton City Airways shelved its flights to Paris just two months after the launch.

Bosses blamed the suspension of the service on the delay caused by French customs and immigration which meant the service between Brighton and Paris was suspended on May 7.

Jonathan Candelon, co-founder at the firm based at Brighton Shoreham Airport, said it plans to land in another French airport – usually Rouen or Le Touquet – en route to Pontoise, a northern suburb of the French capital.

Now the firm is looking at launching a service to Manchester, Bristol or Amsterdam.

Jonathan Candelon, director, Brighton City Airways: “Flights to Pontoise cannot resume until we are able to operate direct between both airports.

“Since we paused the flight operations in May, we have maintained contact with Aéroports de Paris and we are confident that Pontoise will open as a port of entry allowing direct flights to and from the UK.

“Our plan is to keep the business in place, so that we can resume flights to Paris or another viable route once the opportunity arises. We remain hopeful this will be later this year or in 2014.

“Our concept proved there are enough passengers willing to pay a little bit extra to fly on smaller aircraft and airports in order to benefit from reduced hassle and time when travelling.

“The time saved quickly offsets the slightly higher fare. Large mainstream airports are near full capacity and we believe there is a huge future for this type of operations utilising smaller aircraft at regional airports.”

An Aéroports de Paris Group spokesman said it is continuing to work on reopening the Pontoise airfield to UK flights traffic as soon as possible.