I’m sick to death of cyclists. The councils and police have let cyclists have a free reign over the years.

Every day someone near misses me on the pavements. It’s not just unruly teenagers – it’s also what you might call decent-looking adults. I would like the law made clear through advertising on TV and over the radio of the dangers of riding on pavements and the emotional effects of this on others.

Most cyclists I see have no lights at night, no bells and, when confronted, no respect either. People are afraid and unwilling to confront cyclists now because of the risk to themselves.

The authorities have let this slide and are wishy-washy about the law in this area. I wish they would step up to the plate and show some backbone and remember they have a duty to protect the public.

The victims are not just fit, middle-aged males; don’t forget the infirm, blind and vulnerable in our society. Why is it that cyclists get lots of publicity and sympathy while pedestrians get no mention?

Cyclists pay nothing to use the road and, worse than that, are now abusing pedestrians on the pavement. There’s something seriously wrong in our society.

Sheldon Kozenczak, Grafton Road, Worthing