With reference to your story about a police crackdown on cyclists using the pavement along Brighton seafront (The Argus, June 13), could the police please, please come and have a crack down for a few weeks around the Seven Dials area where cyclists are very dangerous?

I must make it clear I am not referring to the reasonable cyclists – in fact, they are so rare in this area that if I see a cyclist pushing his/her bike along the pavements I congratulate them for being responsible.

This has being going on for years and has always been a talking point among residents who live in the surrounding streets. I have nearly been knocked down on crossings several times. I have also been sworn at, spat at and given a two-fingered salute when I have remonstrated with them for riding on the pavement.

One told me it was his right to ride on the pavement, which I told him was against the law. I also think it will get worse now the pavements are wider.

Why can’t we have yellow plastic notices on, say, every third or fourth lamp post stating it’s illegal to ride on the pavements? The cycling groups mentioned in The Argus are no doubt responsible, but I should think there are many other riders who are not.

Mrs J Robins, Vernon Terrace, Brighton